Srinivas   Bongoni


M.Sc (Computer Science), B.Ed

Srinivas steers the operations of EdCognit.

He brings enormous wealth of teaching, publishing and various educational media knowledge. His understanding of students mentality, the approach to exam preparation, different levels of educational needs are a great asset in designing and carrying forward the idea of Edu-Tech for EdCognit.

Srinivas achieved Master of Science with speciality in computer science and a Bachelors in Education.

Prior to EdCognit, he was the sub-editor at Udyoga Sopanam. Also performed the roles of Software Test Innovator in SMX, Nivio Technologies Pvt.Ltd(Cloud Computing, Data Syncing Local Machine to Cloud). Test QA Lead in Kaplan University is an accredited university that offers a variety of on-campus and online degree programs, Kaplan provides higher education programs, professional training courses, test preparation materials and other services for various levels of education.

He was also an admired lecturer. His patience and in-depth knowledge in a variety of subject verticals is commendable.